Friday, March 8, 2013

Just an up date

Hello all!

I must use the general excuse of being busy(I promise its not a lie) My mother is expecting the baby any day now so as the third oldest I am filled with responsibilities. Well, Easters is closely approaching and I know every one is spending as much time as possible finding was to recieve graces from this holy season so my post will be quite short. I have lately been making those little sliders you set your cup on (the ones you use to keep the ring from showing up on the table) for some people I also make personalized towels ect, I pretty much can do any cross stiching project. Anyway, I have been trying to think of more projects to do and would welcome all ideas!
    How many people have spring birthdays? Most every one in my house has a birthday in spring or right before Christmas. I have been reading a very good book lately, In Likeness Of Christ, I don't do well on explaining those sort of things, but I would truly recomened it. I have changed my blogger backround so tell me if it is too vivid for the eyes.
Well I must go but please pray for my family,
Cassandra Stalker (scary last name right?)

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