Friday, March 30, 2012

A Lenten Note

                                                                    Pax Christi!                                                    
A Lenten Note

I can't believe Palm Sunday is nearing so fast! Have I made a worthy Lent and followed the strict obligations of fasting, prayer, and penance? Throughout Lent, the priest at St. Vincents have encouraged us to take advantage of the graces received during this time; I am so unworthy of God's goodness! It is up to us though to use them for His greater honor and glory, otherwise, they are wasted. I feel as though perhaps I have not been strict enough with myself and have neglected my duties and also failed to accept my crosses without complaints. After all, Christ set for us the best example of the disposition we should possess while accepting our small burdens; He suffered patiently and happily, embracing His cross which was a most grievous burden. He suffered all this because of our sins and transgressions. Have we not even made the slight attempt to use these graces to correct them and reach our goal? Whenever I feel as though I am slacking with my resolutions, I turn to the cross and there find consolation, encouragement, and happiness. So should you seek to do the same. You will also find that sweet comfort if you place yourself there and ask for strength to use those graces. Has not Our Lord said many times to the saints that His graces were sufficient for them? Rather than asking for graces, ask for the strength necessary to reach your heavenly goal. Make this goal to reach heaven your only priority, since your life is simply a test to prove your love for God. Continuously say throughout the day "Thy will be done in all things - not mine!" So follow Him on the way to Calvary and don't slacken your pace! Turn to Him when you are weak and He will strengthen you! Glory be to Jesus Christ, King and ruler of all heaven and earth! - Cassandra Stalker

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My birds

                       I have three of the strangest parakeets ever! My green parakeet Loui is just the strangest, he has a pretty hard bite but whenever he gets really scared he looks as if he could have a heart attack! Bella the one that is mostly yellow has the hardest beak and her bite hurt a lot and leaves a mark, Bella also is the loudest and feels as though no one else should be heard. And Theresa is the sweetest! She hardly ever bites and she learned how to open her cage door and gets out all the time! With three birds my house sounds like it is spring all year long with all of the chirping! It just puts a smile on my face!

Getting dirty

                 Over the weekend my brothers and sisters and I hacked at a small area in our yard that my dad wanted leveled out so that we could put our pool on flatter ground. Last year when we put the pool in that area it began to slide to one side and was a complete bother re-arranging it several times, so we're going to till the ground and then use a bobcat to level it. As you can see it is not a very large area but there were plenty of rocks buried in the dirt along with clay and sand. Now after a few days we have the ground mostly tilled and ready for the bobcat, then on to the pool!  

Just so you know

What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a horse. If you could travel to a different country which would it be? Ireland sounds like it could hold an adventure. Where would you go on a vacation at? The Lake of the Ozarks. If you had a day to yourself what would you do? Read all day long! What is your favorite subject in school? Math because it really makes me think. What is your least favorite place to shop? Any clothing store.