Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nothing much to say :(

                                      OK, so I really have not had a single thing interesting happen lately! I read every one's posts and find my current situation not very interesting. My younger brother and I are trying to take care of our neighbor's garden, it looks helpless now and I was attacked by a Finch who evidently had a nest nearby, but it seems to be coming along. I found a just perfect pattern that I think would be perfect brides maid dress pattern for a future dream wedding! The Pattern is ( Butterick B5970 ) I don't know how to do the links and all but if you look it up I like the one on the right! Look it up if you wish (you really should, I'm sure it would be favourable).
Has anyone else watched Little Dorrit? How about Little House on the Prairie or Road to Avonlea? Each are time consuming but very much worth watching!
And so ...... thinking ..... I went to Worlds Of Fun and road the barrel drop 8 times, for those who have never ridden it spins the riders very fast till they stick to the sides then the floor drops about two feet so the riders are dangling on the wall! Thrilling right?
OK I must go, my brother wants to go to Home Depot so I have to drive him, Ta ta

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us,
Cassandra Stalker
John (2 years) and Greta (6 months)