Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just catching y'all up

Hello all! We have all been quite busy lately, with the new patio, my grandpa had a surgery, then there was the Ordinations! (for those of you who weren't there we have twelve new priest! I guess I will put a bit of happy Fourth of July in my post?
What has everyone else got planned? My parents want a quite thing this year so we are going to set off some fireworks at home, make some s'mores, then swim in our easy set pool as late as possible and watch the neighbors larger fireworks from there! Every forth we have to deal with neighbors shooting off fireworks all night long, my mom says it in very rude because the kids won't go to sleep.
It has been so long since I posted so I must tell y'all that in the beginning of May we had a snow fall that covered the ground and nearly caused choir practise to be canceled! My mom was the opposite of pleased about it.
I have been doing a lot of sewing lately, I have made two jumpers, four dresses, and five skirts so far this year and one of the skirts was made out of a unused flat sheet! You could not even tell so we sewed the tag on, it read (THE BIG ONE, Size Full!) I laughed the whole time! Well I need to go, I have to watch the kids while my mom goes to have the van fixed, I'll write again soon.